Wednesday, September 26, 2012


adjective 1. warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received

Life's been pretty non-stop busy lately. I'm speaking for myself, but I bet you and I have this common. Just a guess. :)

I haven't written in my Thankfulness journal in over a month - a sad sign of what suffers when my calendar fills.

And in all of this alarm clock ringing, cell-phone talking, e-mail typing, stop-go driving, school-home-school-home routine {insert your specific come-go-come-go routine}, it's so worthwhile and important to really stop. STOP. And reflect. And give thanks. More than once a month or once a week. Every day.

This is my thankfulness . . .

breath. pine-sol. ceiling fans. celebrations. home. "amen, bob, amen." sunrises. weekly dates with the sister. hugs. stories. family gatherings. long goodbyes. icecream cake (yum). coffee. organization. generations. cute wrapping paper. dance lessons with griff ;). libraries. stationery. road trips. this season. grace. cooking. sleep. memories. nostalgia. spearmint. the righteousness of God. storytelling with seth and nate. blueberries and strawberries. gummibarchen. cousins. cool fronts. downy softener. ice. sincerity.

And I'm thankful for time to reflect. And for the time given.