Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Time in ribbon roads
Swiftly twirl from sight
Woven like thread through history
Through the rear-view mirror
The fields meld in crayon golds
And discarded greens
The amber rays of a sinking sun
Reminscient of days given
Of time had
Of moments in life
Autumn breathes
It’s like seeing
Daily Life in vintage daguerreotypes
The road turns
Pines embrace and reach out
Across the road
Now disappearing
Scenery drifts
Journal entries
Remember the mundane
The bronzed roadside reeds
Bend, unbruised
Always unbruised
Water reflections
Tell the thought of the skies
Tradition survives
Because of generations
And homes
And old photographs
And rear-view mirrors
And because of the beauty
Of Time given